Against dad dating daughter

18-Sep-2017 15:51

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I have no doubt this dad loves his daughter very, very much, so much that he took the time to print a kitschy shirt to prove how special she is to him.

But the whole point of being a parent in a new generation is that I think we can do better.

I recently received an email from a female reader seeking my input on a situation that she's dealing with.

She's a single woman without kids who's dating a divorced dad with a daughter.

Dad daughter incest story: Daughter's body seemed so familiar and so fresh and different at the same time. Dad placed his hand on her tit and started rubbing her erect nipple against his fingers. He hadn't felt such an intense sensation in his dick for something about 10 years.

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Now I have the privilege of sharing a bit of what I’ve learned on this blog. You might also know that my first marriage didn't quite work out as I'd hoped.

This isn’t the 1950s where a girl waits quietly upstairs for a date to arrive, and Dad sits on the front porch cleaning his shotgun.

Today’s parents have the opportunity not to scare their kids into obedience but to teach them self-respect and how to navigate dangerous situations on their own.

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