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03-Jan-2018 03:27

Another kid, Timo Cruz (Rick Gonzalez) a.k.a “Cruz,” is involved in gang life and is seen carrying a 9 mm. The only kid on the team who is well-rounded is Damien (Robert Ri’chard), Coach Carter’s son, who is an overachiever with a 3.5 G. One of the high school students fools around with his girlfriend (they are both clothed).

The basketball team is seen taking showers, wearing nothing but towels in the locker room.

Sex, drugs, and gangs plague the lives of the young high school kids and the high school has done nothing to encourage academic studies. Jackson), an owner of a sports equipment shop, decides to take up the position of coaching Richmond’s pathetic basketball team, hoping to inspire and discipline the troubled youths.

In fact, he had attended Richmond High 30 years ago, setting several school records in passing and shooting.

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