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24-Oct-2017 19:24

Sharon Stone, 49, is reportedly dating Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson."Sharon really likes Craig because he's no metrosexual.Here’s a look at five “Late Late Show” skits that went viral since the show’s premiere.Katie Couric at the David Lynch Foundation event A National Night Of Laughter And Song. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Washington DC, District Of Columbia, United States - Monday 5th June 2017Two months or so into his new career as an American talk show host, James Corden has been talking about settling into the job, coping with the transatlantic move and the reaction to his show, which has been very popular so far.36 year old Corden made his debut as host of ‘The Late Late Show’ on CBS at the end of March after replacing the retiring Craig Ferguson, and quickly won plaudits for his warm, friendly presenting style.

But little did he know guest Katie Couric had one epic prank up her sleeve.Speaking with Heat magazine, he said he was “gobsmacked” by the response from audiences.You couldn’t trust anybody yesterday, in real life or online, as the constant worry of being the victim of an April Fools Day prank weighed heavy on all of us.The pair recently took a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate Bailey's 21st birthday O'Donnell drew inspiration from the case of the late Brittany Maynard, the cancer-stricken California woman who moved to Oregon to take her life with legal prescription drugs in November and became the face of the right-to-die movement.

Maynard wrote in her final Facebook post: 'Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love.Herself - Host / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Al Pacino") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Fight for a Cure") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "No Ordinary Spy") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Saving Flight 1549") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Sergeant Bill") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "The Dust at Ground Zero") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "A-Rod") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Agassi") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Boosting Brain Power") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Chief of Staff") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Hillary for President") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "John and Elizabeth Edwards") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Norah Jones") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Officer Herrera Goes Public") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "Secretary of War") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "The 5,000 Question") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "The Case of Beckett Brennan") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "The Soldiers' Secretary") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "True Believer") / Herself - Correspondent (segment "What Killed Rebecca Riley?