Updating windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6

14-Dec-2017 18:48

updating windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6-9

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Edit: When I say this doesn’t work with Windows 7, I mean that I had issues with Win7 x64.There are reports that it works fine in 32 bit version, and that it might work with the 64bit version if you disable driver signing.It doesnt have enough RAM (128MB), Screen resolution (240 x 320), or processor speed(400 MHz) to run the OS.Even after they've spent a year optimizing the OS, You need at least 256MB, 480x800px, and 800MHz for Windows Phone.With all the buzz about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7, there’s one group that may feel left in the cold: those with older Windows Mobile 6.x devices.Here’s some ways you can keep your now-obsolete device a little more viable and useful today.

This update for the Samsung SCH-i760 (Verizon Wireless) flashes the handheld's ROM with a new image which updates the operating system to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, adds You Tube video support, and fixes a number of issues with the previous ROM version.

Windows Mobile devices can’t do as much as many newer smartphones, but with some software updates and new apps, you’ll find that there’s still some life in your device.

Let’s look at how you can update your OS, add some modern apps like the Opera Mini browser and Evernote, and even use your phone as a Mi Fi replacement.

The boot loader should say USB after you’ve done it. p=2786065&postcount=439, download hardspl-1.22On your computer run ROMUpdate

It should step you through updating your bootloader.

The short of it is that those with Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 devices are flat out of luck if they're looking to upgrade to 6.5 (although they may be able to upgrade to 6.0 or 6.1), while users of Windows Mobile 6.1 devices (but not those aforementioned users that have just upgraded to 6.1) be able to upgrade to 6.5 at some as yet unspecified point in the future.