Wpf textblock text binding not updating

17-Sep-2017 05:41

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Another Tip: When you get the error "No constructor for type '...' has 0 parameters.", you need to add an default constructor to your converter, even it's not needed. Inside Window View Model I have some objects like Document View Model which has also some properties. But without setting Document View Model as Context of my Label!How to bind for example properties of Document View Model. Can I somehow define terget path for this kind of binding?However, it's a plain CLR property rather than a Dependency Property, so it doesn't support being the target of a Data binding.Ben Westbrook of Microsoft explains in a forum post that it was not exposed as a Dependency Property for security reasons.So, let's try binding some data to a List View: We populate a list of our own User objects, each user having a name and an age.The data binding process happens automatically as soon as we assign the list to the Items Source property of the List View, but the result is a bit discouraging: Each user is represented by their type name in the List View. NET doesn't have a clue about how you want your data to be displayed, so it just calls the To String() method on each object and uses that to represent the item.By the way try to play with this piece of XAML The above situation is of two Text Block elements those are embedded within a series of borders and canvas elements those represent their hierarchical parents.

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Let's imagine another case now: The above case is used to tie a given property of a given element to one of its direct parent ones as this element holds a property that is called Parent.

We use a bunch of Text Block controls to build each item, where we put part of the text in bold.

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